CALANGO: A phylogeny-aware comparative genomics tool for discovering quantitative genotype-phenotype associations across species.

Defibrotide mitigates endothelial cell injury induced by plasmas from patients with COVID-19 and related vasculopathies.

T Cell Responses Correlate with Self-Reported Disease Severity and Neutralizing Antibody Responses Predict Protection against SARS-CoV-2 Breakthrough Infection.

Disruption of the blood-brain barrier is correlated with spike endocytosis by ACE2 + endothelia in the CNS microvasculature in fatal COVID-19.

Quality of life and cost-effectiveness of convalescent plasma compared to standard care for hospitalized COVID-19 patients in the CONCOR-1 trial.

Large-Scale Scientific Study Led by a Professional Organization during the COVID-19 Pandemic: Operations, Best Practices, and Lessons Learned.

Cutaneous lymphoproliferative disorders after COVID-19 vaccination: clinical presentation, histopathology, and outcomes.