Multiparametric In Situ Imaging (MISI) Laboratory

In the era of precision medicine, we aim to help our patients by coupling extensive expertise in diagnostic tissue pathology with cutting-edge tools in order to comprehensively characterize tissue samples at the single cell level, thereby driving the discovery of novel and personalized therapies.

The Weill Cornell Medicine Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine established the Multiparametric In Situ Imaging (MISI) Laboratory in 2019 with the goal of centralizing within a CLIA-certified space both key personnel and several cutting-edge platforms, which are complementarily geared toward the in situ-based profiling of cellular microenvironments at single cell resolution, in tumor and non-tumor tissues.

The MISI Lab is led by Hematopathologist Sanjay Patel, M.D. and it’s supported by the Center for Translational Pathology, Divisions of both Experimental and Computational Pathology. 

The following tools are currently available, and the lab is actively expanding:

Vectra Polaris 

Vectra Polaris® Automated Quantitative Pathology Imaging System:

  • Simultaneous interrogation of up to 7 protein biomarkers
  • Fully automated workflow
  • High-throughput whole-slide/TMA imaging at 40x resolution

COMET System

Lunaphore COMET

dsp machine 

Nanostring GeoMX® Digital Spatial Profiler (DSP):

  • In situ/spatially-oriented interrogation of up to 30 protein biomarkers or ~1,800-18,000 RNA targets
  • Ready-made panels available or customized panel design
  • Computational pipelines for correlation with other single cell data

Contact Information

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Fabio Socciarelli, MD PhD
Facility Manager

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