Division of Cell and Cancer Pathobiology

The Division of Cell and Cancer Pathobiology, led by Dr. Jorge Moscat, is constituted by research laboratories whose overarching goals are to unravel the molecular and cellular basis of human diseases. Being part of the Department of Pathology offers the unique opportunity to access human specimens to validate the molecular mechanisms identified in cell and mouse models of cancer and other pathologies. In that respect, our laboratories are uniquely positioned to develop high-impact projects with clear translational potential. The ongoing studies in our research teams range from pan-cancer genomics and RNA biology to studies in pathophysiologically relevant mouse models of cancer and the study of stem cells and bone physiology. Investigators in our Division are also leaders in cancer clinical trials, which reflects the impactful nature of our work. In summary, our faculty take pride in performing world-class research and providing outstanding training opportunities for graduates and post-graduates in laboratories poised to conduct paradigm-changing discoveries to impact the diagnosis and treatment of human diseases.

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