• Development of high-throughput, multiplex protein biomarker assays for clinical trial correlative studies or research investigation
  • Development of highly-multiplexed protein biomarker panels for exploratory research investigation and hypothesis generation
  • Comprehensive spatial gene expression profiling using formalin-fixed tissue samples
  • Pathologist-driven image analysis and data interpretation
Cells 1

Multiplex immunofluorescence panel performed on FFPE of mouse spleen using 6 markers (antibodies) + DAPI (nuclei, blue) and imaged using Vectra Polaris to illustrate normal tissue topography.

Cells 2

The image shown is a multiplex staining panel performed using Vectra Polaris on a human, Bouin-fixed, decalcified bone marrow core biopsy tissue sample.

Cells 3

Multiplex immunofluorescence panel performed on a tissue microarray (TMA) of prostate tumor samples.

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