Fee Schedule

Effective September 1, 2017, fees for the services for the Center for Translational Pathology at NewYork-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medicine are as follows:


  • Processing fixed tissue & embedding in paraffin block only: $18/block
  • Embedding frozen tissue in OCT block: $10/block
  • Unstained slides from paraffin-embedded or frozen tissue: $10/slide
  • Unstained slides from TMA block: $10/slide
  • Processing tissue and providing one H&E stained slide from paraffin-embedded block or frozen tissue: $25/slide
  • Prepare one H&E stained slide from paraffin-embedded block or frozen tissue: $12/slide
  • Prepare one H&E stained slide from TMA block: $12/slide
  • Sectioning or coring from paraffin-embedded or frozen tissue (Eppendorf tube): $15/tube
  • Weigert's elastic staining: $28/slide
  • Giemsa staining: $28/slide
  • Iron staining: $28/slide
  • Alcian Blue staining: $28/slide
  • Periodic Acid-Schiff (PAS) staining: $28/slide
  • Reticulocyte staining: $35/slide
  • Masson's trichrome staining (manual): $35/slide
  • Von Kossa staining (manual): $35/slide
  • Alzarin Red staining (manual): $35/slide
  • Oil Red O Staining (manual): $28/slide
  • Warthin Starry (Spirochetes): $35/slide
  • Congo Red (Amyloid): $28/slide
  • Picrosirius Red (Collagen): $28/slide
  • Modified H&E (Harris and Gill 3 Hematoxylin) Overnight staining: $12/slide


Investigator provides antibody reagents

  • Staining - IHC regular: $35/slide
  • Staining - IHC regular double: $70/slide
  • Staining - IHC fluorescent: $35/slide
  • Staining - IHC fluorescent double: $70/slide
  • Staining - IHC fluorescent triple: $100/slide
  • Antibody titering (one antibody): $250/request
  • Antibody titering (double staining): $400/request
  • TMA construction (base charge): $400/TMA block
  • TMA construction (additional cores): $10/tissue core
  • DNA in situ Hybridization (DNA probe): $100/slide
  • RNA in situ Hybridization (RNASCOPE): $100/slide

Molecular Pathology

  • DNA/RNA extraction from blood, FFPE tissue, frozen tissue, etc: $30/reaction
  • Quantitation of DNA/RNA utilizing Qubit 3.0: $5/reaction
  • Applied Biosystems Real Time PCR: $20/run
  • RNA Probe Hybridization: Project-specific
  • Mutation analysis platform: $30/reaction
  • Fluorescent In-Situ Hybridization (FISH) Probe Development: Project-specific
  • FISH Probe Hybridization: Project-specific
  • Laser Capture Microdisection (User): Project-specific
  • Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA): Project-specific


  • Aperio scanning rate -20X - each slide: $10/scan
  • Aperio scanning rate -40X - each slide: $15/scan
  • Hosting images - per slide (20X) - per year: Project-specific
  • Hosting images - per slide (40X) - per year: Project-specific
  • Aperio scanning rate -20X - TMA slide: $100/scan
  • Aperio scanning rate -40X - TMA slide: $150/scan

Pathology Service

  • Data search w/ MD review of reports (up to 100 reports): $250 per request


  • Custom genotyping: Project-specific
  • Gene expression analysis (including miRNAs): Project-specific
  • DNA copy number analysis: Project-specific
  • Methylation analysis: Project-specific

Other Service Pricing

  • Search through up to 10 patient records/blocks (outside requests only): $100/request

Biostatistics and Informatics

  • Biostatistics consultation - Study design, data collection & analysis, clinical trials protocol support: Project-specific


  • Professional fee (outside requests, Pathologist consulting service for selection of block and determination of adequacy): $100/request
  • Administration fee (outside requests): $25/request


Bing He

Pathology & Laboratory Medicine 1300 York Avenue New York, NY 10065 Phone: (212) 746-6464
Surgical Pathology: (212) 746-2700