The Immunopathology Laboratory in the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at NewYork-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medicine provides multiple services within the hospital, and to our colleagues outside the hospital, geared toward the diagnostic evaluation of leukemias and lymphomas. The laboratory employs various techniques and platforms, which often enable test results to be produced in hours rather than days. The unit has established a large tissue repository for molecular and patient-tailored studies. These services are routinely integrated with molecular readouts and can be helpful for refining therapy and advancing precision medicine.

Flow Cytometry

Representative flow cytometric analyses (left panels) and Uniform Manifold Approximation and Projection (UMAP) of B-cells colored by surface receptor expression, and cluster assignment (Right panels)

Clinical services include:

  • Multicolor Flow cytometric analysis for patients with suspected leukemias and lymphomas. These tests are designed to diagnose, stratify and assess the maturation/differentiation of both neoplastic and normal elements, aiming to recognize neoplastic elements and assess immunological changes at diagnosis, relapsed settings, and under specific treatments. We have established a battery of 10 color panels and 25-30 color flow cytometry single tube determinations in selected cases. The unit has validated multiple Minimal Residual Disease panels, and implements internationally validated flow-cytometry profiling (i.e., EuroFlow). An extensive database of more than 43,000 flow cytometry patients has been established for clinical and research enterprises. Our center is one of the few able to perform flow cytometry onsite. This service is available to both staff within the hospital as well as outside physicians seeking a consultation.
  • Bone marrow morphology on aspirates and peripheral blood smears, including conventional cytochemical staining. Samples are routinely evaluated using FISH panels and molecular target gene platforms.
  • Single and multi-color Immunohistochemistry/immunoflorescence, featuring testing with a menu of nearly 300 antibodies. Our internal core facility performs this service for samples from our Surgical Pathology, Renal, and Demo-pathology units. Multi-parametric imaging analyses can be applied in selected cases. This service is also available to outside physicians seeking a consultation.
  • Assays to stratify patients based on a genetic fingerprint that could be utilized to confirm a diagnosis and predict prognosis, define disease evolution, and identify therapeutic targets.

The laboratory also supports research by allowing investigators to move their projects forward, especially genomic studies. The team has generated an extensive library of Patient-Derived Tumor Xenografts representing a broad range of leukemia and lymphoma subtypes. These models are predicted to define patients’ vulnerabilities and inform on possible ad-hoc therapeutic strategies.

Multiparametric Imaging

Bone marrow biopsy sample form a patients MDS and multilineage dysplasia stained with five different antibodies recognizing specific populations. DAPI-blue, CD117-green, CD34-purple, CD71-red, CD61-yellow, CD38-orange.

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