The Neuropathology Division at NewYork-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medicine provides expertise regarding the pathology of brain, spinal cord, muscle, and nerve tissue. Second opinion and consultation services are available for the interpretation of all aspects of adult and pediatric neuropathology, including muscle and nerve biopsies, and provided by pathologists with subspecialty training in neuropathology.

Neuropathologists at Weill Cornell have strong expertise in the evaluation of brain tumors, inflammatory diseases, demyelinating diseases, neurodegenerative diseases, cerebrovascular diseases, and neuromuscular diseases. Each neuropathological evaluation includes a comprehensive evaluation of clinical and radiological information as well. Services include:

  • Surgical pathology of neurosurgical specimens.
  • Intraoperative interpretation during neurosurgical procedures.
  • Interpretation of brain and spinal cord tissue during autopsies.
  • Interpretation of muscle and nerve specimens prepared by pathologists at the Hospital for Special Surgery.

Education is a vital component of the work of our neuropathologists, who teach medical students and pathology and neurology residents from the Weill Cornell Medicine campus, students from Weill Cornell Medicine in Qatar who rotate through the department, and Beth Israel Hospital neurology residents. They also collaborate with researchers requiring neuropathology expertise for their neuroscience investigations.

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