Dr. Luigi Marchionni Promoted to Vice Chair, Computational and Systems Pathology

We are delighted to announce the promotion of Luigi Marchionni, MD, PhD, to Vice Chair, Computational and Systems Pathology effective March 1, 2021.

Luigi Marchionni

Luigi Marchionni, MD, PhD
Vice Chair, Computational and Systems Pathology

Dr. Marchionni is truly an outstanding computational biologist. He works to develop novel tools for integration and analysis of “omics” data from distinct patients, model organisms, and technological platforms. Dr. Marchionni’s research, through the integration of multi-modal data, aims at the development of novel prediction algorithms for disease prognostication and therapy selection, and the integration of such multimodal predictors into current patients clinical management.

Dr. Marchionni has authored over 100 peer-reviewed publications, with many as primary or senior author, in journals that include Genome Research, PNAS, Cancer Research, Modern Pathology, Bioinformatics, Molecular Cancer Research, Nature Communications, and Science Translational Medicine. A subset of his work embodies multidisciplinary research publications in which Dr. Marchionni has served as the biocomputational expert that designed the analysis and key analytics data assessments for many collaborative studies. 

Dr. Marchionni is currently leading the Department initiative to establish the Pathology Cloud Research Data Warehouse (CRDP), a powerful, HIPAA-compliant, CPU/GPU-scalable, cloud computing infrastructure, fitted with state-of-the analytical pipelines, that aims at streamlining clinical research and innovation on integrated imaging, molecular, and health care data, by leveraging secure and scalable data analysis pipelines.

Please join us in congratulating Luigi!

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