Prevalence of gallstone disease in Mexico. A necropsy study.

TitlePrevalence of gallstone disease in Mexico. A necropsy study.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1993
AuthorsMéndez-Sánchez N, Jessurun J, Ponciano-Rodríguez G, Alonso-de-Ruiz P, Uribe M, Hernández-Avila M
JournalDig Dis Sci
Date Published1993 Apr
KeywordsAdult, Age Factors, Aged, Autopsy, Chi-Square Distribution, Cholelithiasis, Female, Humans, Male, Mexico, Middle Aged, Poverty, Prevalence, Sex Factors

The prevalence of gallstone disease in Mexico was investigated by studying a sample of 21,446 necropsies performed at the Department of Pathology of the General Hospital of Mexico City during a 35-year period (1953-1988). For each decade, 1000 necropsy cases were randomly selected. The crude prevalence of gallstone disease was 14.3%, 8.5% for males and 20.4% for females. The age groups ranged from 20 to more than 80 years old; the age-standardized prevalence for males was 5.6% and for females 16.2%. These rates are intermediate between those found in Chile and some African countries, comparable to some European studies, and less than those found in Mexican-Americans. No significant trend in the prevalence of gallstone disease was found when the different decades were compared.

Alternate JournalDig Dis Sci
PubMed ID8462367
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