Design and initial implementation of a regional tele-oncology project.

TitleDesign and initial implementation of a regional tele-oncology project.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2000
AuthorsDemichelis F, Berloffa F, Eccher C, Larcher B, Galvagni M, Sboner A, Graiff A, Forti S
JournalJ Telemed Telecare
Volume6 Suppl 1
Date Published2000
KeywordsHumans, Italy, Medical Oncology, Needs Assessment, Patient Care Management, Program Development, Remote Consultation, Telemedicine

Two tele-oncology projects have been in progress since 1997 in the Province of Trento in north-east Italy. The common aim of the projects concerns the design and the implementation of a non-surgical tele-oncology system intended to provide a flexible computing environment for the joint management of oncology patients in a wide-area network. The two projects involve both hospital specialists and general practitioners treating oncological patients. The first phase of the project involves the design and implementation of the oncology teleconsultation service.

Alternate JournalJ Telemed Telecare
PubMed ID10793978
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