Dr. Matthew Greenblatt Receives the M. Desmond Burke Teaching Award

The residents are pleased to announce our selection of Dr. Matthew Greenblatt as the M. Desmond Burke Teaching Award winner for 2021.

Matthew Greenblatt

Matthew B. Greenblatt, MD, PhD
Associate Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

Dr. Greenblatt, who oversees the CP arm of the residency, is extremely dedicated to the teaching of all the residents. He is always present at every noon conference and runs CP call review and CP-wide problem/teaching sessions (including resident favorite CP Jeopardy) that extend beyond his specific area of clinical practice.

On service, he caters his teaching to individual residents' needs and interests and also actively tries to involve residents in research projects. Dr. Greenblatt devotes a lot of time and energy to our education and development, and it is our pleasure to recognize those efforts.

Thank you, Dr. Greenblatt!

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