Well-Being and Diversity

The department has established a Diversity and Social Justice Working Group, who meets monthly do develop a plan for Pathology and Laboratory Medicine. This working group is led by Ethel Cesarman, M.D., Ph.D.

Members include:

  • Rhiannon Aguilar, M.D, Ph.D. Student
  • Jeff Catalano, M.A., Administrative Director
  • Nancy Du, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Path and Lab Med
  • Jose Jessurun, M.D., Professor of Path and Lab Med
  • Steven Josefowicz, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Path and Lab Med
  • Francesca Khani, M.D., Associate Professor of Path and Lab Med
  • Juan Miguel Mosquera, M.D., Professor of Path and Lab ed
  • Andrew Ramnauth, M.S., Sr. Research Specialist
  • Priya Velu, M.D., Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Path and Lab Med

Well Being and Diversity Zoom

Dr. Amy Chadburn serves as the liaison for Well-Being Initiatives in our department and is coordinating these efforts with the working group. To date, the group has confirmed that the department has met the goal of having gender parity in academic appointments. Ongoing efforts are to survey the faculty and trainees to assess any issues of concern, to strengthen participation in existing pipeline programs to attract scientists from groups underrepresented in medical research and creating a new pipeline program to increase diversity in the medical residency program. In the past year, Doctors Steven Salvatore, Matthew Greenblatt and Ethel Cesarman participated as representatives for the Pathology and Laboratory Medicine Residency Training Program in the Student National Medical Association’s (SNMA) Bridging the Gap Virtual Residency Fair and the Make your Match: Residency Diversity Virtual Open House.

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