Laboratory of Cancer Genomics

Principal Investigator: 
Marcin Imielinski, M.D., Ph.D.

The Imielinski lab applies cutting-edge sequencing and data science approaches to understand the evolution and impact of complex and noncoding variants in cancer genomes. We use long-range sequencing and chromatin profiling to assess how complex somatic rearrangements perturb cancer epigenomes. We are also interested in links between the chromatin state of healthy and precancerous cells and the patterns of somatic variation observed in cancer. Finally, we are interested in neutral somatic mutation patterns as readouts of mutagenic exposure, DNA repair defects, and endogenous mutation processes in human cells.

Active Projects

  • Cancer genome assembly from 10X Chromium linked reads
  • Profiling epigenomes in highly rearranged cancer samples
  • Identifying footprints of mutational processes in whole genomes sequences of human cancer samples and engineered model systems
  • Identifying signals of positive somatic selection in cancer whole genome data


PI: Marcin Imielinski, M.D., Ph.D.
Doris Duke Charitable Foundation Clinical Scientist Development Award (CSDA)

PI: Marcin Imielinski, M.D., Ph.D. 
Burroughs Wellcome Career Award for Medical Scientists
Burroughs Wellcome Fund

PI: Olivier Elemento, Ph.D., Mark Rubin, M.D.
National Institutes of Health/National Cancer Institute (NIH/NCI)

PI: Rameen Beroukhim, M.D., Ph.D.
National Institutes of Health/National Cancer Institute (NIH/NCI)

Doris Duke Charitable Foundation

PI: Marcin Imielinski, MD PhD
The Pershing Square Sohn Cancer Research Alliance

PI: Marcin Imielinski, MD PhD
National Institutes of Health (R37)

Additional Key Academic Personnel

Ashley Stephen Doane
Post Doc
Huasong Tian
Senior Research Associate

Contact Information

Marcin Imielinski, M.D. Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Computational Genomics
Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
Weill Cornell Medicine
Englander Institute for Precision Medicine

C 617-528-0211

Core Member
New York Genome Center
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