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Tissue Microarrays

Tissue microarrays are constructed by the Center for Translational Pathology at NewYork-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center for specific research groups. These groups have their own policies for gaining access to these TMA. If you are interested in using any TMA listed below, please send your inquiries to Bing He.

CTMA1Thyroid (Papillary Thyroid Carcinoma)1923
CTMA2Prostate (Prostate Cancer : primary/ secondary/ tertiary/ LN and benign)2641
CTMA3Prostate (Prostate Cancer : primary secondary/ tertiary/ LN and benign)2521
CTMA4Lung (Squamous Carcinoma)781
CTMA5Assorted Hematologic Malignancies602
CTMA6Assorted Hematologic Malignancies902
CTMA7Lung Cancer Test Array (INV/ BAC MIXED/ SQUAM)482
CTMA8Lung Cancer3122
CTMA12GI (tumors and normal)/ (Esophogus/ Stomach/ Colon/Pancreas/ Liver)2942
CTMA14GI (Esophogus/ Stomach/ Colon Pancreas/ Liver)633
CTMA16Multi Tumor Tissue Array (Bladder/ Breast/ Colon/ Cervix/ Head and Neck/ Kidney/ Skin (melanoma/ carcinoma)/ Lung/ Prostate and Thyroid.1803
CTMA19Salivary Gland Tumor783
CTMA20Salivary Gland Tumors + Lung(1case) + Thymus(1case)3033
CTMA21Salivary Gland Tumors + Lung(3case)3063
CTMA22Salivary Gland Tumors + Lung(1case) + Trachea(1 case)1683
CTMA23Breast Cancer (ER+ and ER-)3003
CTMA26Uterus (Endometrial Carcinoma)1893
CTMA27Ovarian (serous/ endometreoid/ mucinaous)1083
CTMA28Testes (Seminoma)2283
CTMA29Mouse Intestine and Spleen/1113
CTMA30Lymph node483
CTMA31Lymph node (HIV + DLBCL)962
CTMA32Urothelial Carcinoma423
CTMA33Bladder(Urothelial Carcinoma)3752
CTMA34Breast Cancer/ Met (Bone/ Chest wall/ GI/Liver/ Lung)1681
CTMA35Breast Cancer/ Met(Lung/ Brain/ Bladder/ Heart/ Skin/ Distant LN/ Ovary)1661
CTMA36Breast Cancer/ AXLN2202
CTMA37Prostate Small Cell/ Lung1144
CTMA38Breast (ER-Her2+ and ER+Her2+)2283
CTMA39Breast (ER+Her2-)2823
CTMA40Breast (Triple negative/ ER/ PR/ Her2)2703
CTMA41Prostate (Multi-focal PCA/ Benign)2522
CTMA43Esophagus/ Stomach/ Colon2402
CTMA44Esophagus/ Colon/ Stomach2402
CTMA45Stomach/ Esophagus/ Bile Duct/ Pancreas/ Small Intestine/ Colon/ Uterus/ Ovary/ Brain/ Rectum1202
CTMA46Breast Carcinoma and Normal2283
CTMA47Breast/ Lymphnode/ Skin Carcinomas3123
CTMA48Prostate (Adeno/ Small cell/ NAPC/ Benign)1684
CTMA49Endometriod carcinoma w/ clinical information3002
CTMA50Endometriod carcinoma w/out clinical information3002
CTMA51Various/ HIV+1382
CTMA52Follicular Lymphoma/ Follicular Hyperplasia2002
CTMA53Follicular Lymphoma/ Follicular Hyperplasia1982
CTMA54HIV Negative BL842
CTMA55Parathyroid/ Adreanal Gland/ Lung3002
CTMA56Parathyroid gland/ Adrenal Gland/ Pituitary Gland2882
CTMA57Lung/ Small intestine/ Appendix/ Pancreas2732
CTMA58Prostate (Benign/ Tumor/ HGPIN)3002
CTMA59Prostate (Benign/ Tumor/ HGPIN)3032
CTMA60Prostate (Benign/ Tumor/ HGPIN)2732
CTMA61Head and neck (resection)/ Esophagus (resection)/ Squamous cell carcinoma2672
CTMA62IBD/ and non-IBD2012
CTMA63Endometrial Carcinoma in Benign Endometrium3002
CTMA64Bladder Cell Lines1052
CTMA65Breast (ER-/ PR-/ Her2+)2062
CTMA69Breast Cancer (Luminal A)1502
CTMA70Breast Cancer (Luminal A)1502
CTMA71Burkitts Lymphoma522
CTMA72Breast Cancer (Luminal B)2122
CTMA73Breast Cancer (Luminal B)2002
CTMA74Mouse Mammary Glands and Tumor1901
CTMA75Primary colon tumor/ Colon tumors metastasis to liver/ Primary colon tumor with MATCHED liver metastasis from the same patient/ Normal colon3602
CTMA76Atypical Vascular Lesion1112
CTMA77Breast Cancer (BRCA-Positive Breast Cancer)1262
CTMA78Follicular Lymphoma1422
CTMA79Lung Cancer2462
CTMA80Testis (Cadavers)421
CTMA81Prostate (Benign and Adenocarcinoma)1802
CTMA82Breast (Myofibroblastoma/ PASH/ Spindle cell lipoma)1562
CTMA84Prostate (Benign/ Adenocarcinoma/ and Neuroendocrine Carcinoma)/ HEK2932162
CTMA85Prostate (Benign/ Adenocarcinoma/ and Neuroendocrine Carcinoma)/ HEK293/ Brain/ Liver/ Placenta932
CTMA86Lung (Cancer)182
CTMA87Mantle Cell Lymphoma701
CTMA88Merkel Cell Carcinoma461
CTMA89Breast Cancer (before and after neoadjuvant chemotherapy)1602
CTMA90Prostate adenocarcinoma/benign273
CTMA91Mucinous Lung Adenocarcinoma622
CTMA92Brain Tumor1231
CTMA93AIDS-related Burkitt lymphoma321
CTMA94AIDS-related Burkitt lymphoma201
CTMA95Breast Cancer (Triple Negative)2003
CTMA96Brain Tumor (GBM)421
CTMA97Brain Tumor (GBM)401
CTMA98AIDS Lymphoma1171
CTMA99Prostate Cancer2403
CTMA100DLBCL, Reactive1241
CTMA101Lung Carcinoma931
CTMA103Brain Tumor281
CTMA105Brain Tumor31
CTMA106upper tract urothelial carcinoma31
CTMA108Bone, Tendon and soft tissue1051
CTMA109Post-transplant lymphoproliferative disorder341
CTMA110Kidney - CCRCC, PRCC(T1/T2), Chromophobe tumors691
CTMA111Clear cell papillary RCC, CCRCC, PRCC (T1/T2), Chromophobe tumors442
CTMA112Lympho nodes, other tissues561
CTMA114Lympho nodes, other tissues541
CTMA115Brain Tumor2001
CTMA116Prostate Cancer681
CTMA117Bone, Brain, Lung, Lymph node, Mediastinal, Prostate, Skull, Stomach (CRPC,NEC,BRAIN)531
CTMA118Prostate, Liver, Paraortic mass, EPE, LN, Lung, Brain, Retroperitoneal, Epidural, Bone511
CTMA119Normal Kidney212
CTMA120Normal Tissue161

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