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The Value of Second Opinions (also know as Consultation)

An accurate and comprehensive pathology diagnosis is fundamental to effective treatment. Obtaining a second opinion is useful for confirming and/or providing additional information regarding a primary diagnosis, and in some instances, offering a more accurate diagnosis of a patient’s condition.  Pathologists generate an important part of the information used for therapeutic decisions, hence it is vital to have confidence in the pathologic diagnosis.

In a Johns Hopkins study of second opinions on pathology, 20 cases originally diagnosed as malignant were found to be benign, and 5 cases originally thought to be benign were found to be malignant. Overall, the treatment plan was revised in 93% of cases.1

The pathologists in the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at NewYork-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center are board-certified and widely considered expert in their subspecialty, both nationally and internationally.  Additionally, all Weill Cornell pathologists participate in an intradepartmental peer-review quality assurance program.

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