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Residents' Research Day – Wednesday, April 13, 2016

The Seventh Annual Residents' Research Day was held on Wednesday, April 13, 2016 in the Griffis Faculty Club. There were 7 oral presentations with 2 winners. The winners of the oral presentations were Dr. Robert DeSimone (PGY-3) and Dr. Esther Cheng (PGY-3), who were presented with gift certificates. In addition, the Digital Photo Contest this year had a record number of entries at 13 and there was a tie with 2 winners. Dr. Mustafa Al-Kawaaz (PGY-3) and Dr. Rebecca Marrero Rolon (PGY-1) each received a gift certificate for their photo entries. Congratulations to all on your excellent presentations!

Introductory Remarks Given by the Chairman Dr. Daniel M. Knowles

Dr. Stephen Master, Dr. Alain Borczuk and Dr. Wayne Tam served as the judges for the oral presentations

Dr. Robert DeSimone (PGY-3) receiving his award from Dr. Daniel M. Knowles and Dr. Sandra J. Shin (Program Director) for his oral presentation “Cryoprecipitate Indications and Patterns of use in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit: Inappropriate Transfusions and Lack of Standardization”

Dr. Esther Cheng (PGY-3) receiving her award from Dr. Daniel M. Knowles and Dr. Sandra J. Shin (Program Director) for her oral presentation "Subareolar Sclerosing Ductal Hyperplasia (SSDH): Further Characterization of a Distinct Clinicopathological Entity Based on Review of 35 Cases"

Dr. Mustafa Al-Kwaaz and Dr. Rebecca Marrero Rolon receiving their digital photo awards from Dr. Daniel M. Knowels and Dr. Sandra J. Shin

Dr. Al-Kawaaz with his digital photo entitled “Hippocampus-Sensitive Enteropathy” and Dr. Marrero Rolon with the digital photo entitled “Caught in the Act”

Resident Dr. Robert DeSimone submitted a humorous digital photo entitled “Who’s Who” with the residency photos of current faculty, including Dr. Yao-Tseng Chen and Dr. Amy Chadburn.

Viewing of the digital photos

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