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New York Hospital Laboratories Outreach Program

A Brief History

In 1771, our Hospital was the first hospital to be established in New York City and the second hospital founded in the thirteen colonies.  We have more than two hundred years of history as a world leader in health care.  Established in 1982, it is one of the largest hospital based outreach programs in the North East. Since 1995 the program has grown in volume by 400%. Today it serves more than 160 clients and 1,300+ patients each day. Program revenue is equal to paying the salary and benefits for 230 nurses.

  • New York Hospital was the first institution in New York State to treat patients with psychiatric illnesses
  • In 1799, the first administration of the small pox vaccine in the United States took place at New York Hospital by Dr. Valentin Seaman
  • New York Hospital was the first hospital in New York State to replace alcohol with ether as an anesthetic.
  • In 1944, New York Hospital opened the first eye bank in the United States
  • In 1983, New York Hospital was the first hospital in New York City to have a MRI machine
  • Our burn center is world-renowned and is one of only 12 regional burn centers in the nation
  • Dr. George Papanicolaou of New York Hospital’s Department of Anatomy developed the “PAP” test for early detection of uterine cancer
  • In 1997, NYH and the Presbyterian Hospital merged to make The New York Presbyterian Hospital



The NYH Laboratories work together with your staff to provide you and your patients with exceptional customer service, competitive pricing, and convenience.

  • Testing is performed on State-of-the-Art equipment by highly trained and experienced technologists
  • Regular visits to your office to evaluate your needs, deliver reports including abnormal cytology findings monthly, and review current protocols
  • Technical consultations are available with knowledgeable Medical Technologists or Pathologists
  • Exceptional Customer Service by our highly dedicated  and knowledgeable staff
  • Accommodating pick-up schedules based on your needs are provided through our Logistics Department
  • Through use of our sophisticated and unique specimen tracking system (Gajema), we can provided detailed tracking for specimens and incoming calls
  • We provide 24-hour turnaround times for most routine procedures.
  • Reports are delivered by a variety of means, which are customizable to your needs.  Reports can be auto-faxed, delivered by our Couriers or viewed by utilizing our online result viewing system.



  • Joint Commission
  • College of American Pathologists
  • NYS Department of Health (CLIA)


Our Vision: 

To be Among the Nation’s Best in Clinical & Service Excellence, Patient Safety, Research & Education.

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