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Dr. Mark Rubin Elected to the Association of American Physicians

Please join us in congratulating Dr. Mark Rubin on his election to the Association of American Physicians (AAP).

AAP is a national society of physician-scientists who are elected based on their important scientific contributions that have ultimately impacted human health.  Sixty people are elected each year.

Mark A Rubin, MD Director, Institute for Precision Medicine

Dr. Rubin was recognized for his pioneering discoveries in cancer genomics and for the translation of these discoveries to patient care.  The Rubin laboratory has carried out extensive and detailed genomic analyses of prostate cancers coupled with cell biological studies that have defined unique cellular pathways responsible for neuroendocrine prostate cancer (NEPC).  This information has been used to design novel therapeutics that target these unique pathways and these agents are now in clinical trials to establish their efficacy in treating NEPC. 

Dr. Rubin will be inducted into AAP at a ceremony during the annual AAP meeting in Chicago on April 22, 2017.

Congratulations, Dr. Rubin!

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